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Thermal Barrier

Firefighter Protection Lives in TenCate Thermal Barriers



TenCate Aralite®  Thermal Barrier Keeps Costs Low TenCate Aralite®  thermal barrier fabrics provide vital layer to insulate your body against intense heat. They also feature a comfortable face cloth with excellent wicking properties. TenCate Aralite® provides proven protection and is designed to meet your specific thermal, physical and budgetary requirements. TenCate Aralite® SL3 Good balance.



TenCate Caldura Thermal Barrier Maintains a Leader Position TenCate Caldura is a leader in thermal barrier fabrics, has a smooth, slick face cloth that allows you to move in and out  of your gear with ease. Utilizing batts blended of DuPont Kevlar and Nomex, TenCate Caldura allows you to select the proven protection and performance that best.


Defender® M

Now TenCate Defender M Protects Firefighters with a Thermal Barrier The TenCate Defender M thermal barrier is designed with the same fiber and technology used to protect U.S. Army and Marine ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007. The unique fiber blend in the face cloth offers structural firefighters superior moisture management and exceptional comfort.


Quantum 3D®

A New Level of Thermal Barrier Technology in TenCate Quantum3D® TenCate Quantum3D® takes thermal barrier technology to an entirely new level. It’s patent-pending design is a complex weave to provide a face cloth that is inherently slick and flexible. Combined with a unique 3D batt blended of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex®, Quantum3D provides an excellent balance of TPP.


Quantum 4iTM

Introducing the latest innovation in thermal barrier technology, TenCate Quantum4i builds on the success of our Coolderm™ Technology facecloth and adds PBI® G2™ aperture spun-lace batting for greater air and moisture flow, while remaining lightweight and flexible.