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Tech T4


The First Thing You Put on Could Help Save Your Life

TenCate makes the future of FR fabrics protection seem just a little closer. TenCate Protective Fabrics introduces the latest advancement in base layer textile technology: TenCate TechT4™.


Protection isn’t complete until it lives right next to your skin.  TechT4 FR fabrics provide the first layer of defense and the first layer of comfort for t-shirts and other undergarments.

This remarkable innovation brings ease of wear and flame resistance in an incredibly lightweight base layer textile at 4.8 osy or 160 gsm. TenCate TechT4 makes the perfect addition to multi-layer, flame-resistant clothing systems.


NON-CONTRIBUTORY — meaning it won’t ignite, melt or drip — TechT4 enhances the protection of your FR outer layers. Offering all the attributes of TenCate Coolderm Technology, TechT4 is an extraordinarily soft and comfortable fabric that provides better protection than usual cotton.


When TechT4 is layered with other TenCate Coolderm Technology fabrics like Tecasafe® Plus or Defender® M, both FR protection and comfort multiply.

TenCate always recommends the use of properly certified fabrics and adherence to local and more specific requirements. TechT4 meets ASTM 1506.