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Tecasafe® Plus Tundra


 Keeping Warm Can Still Be Cool with TenCate FR Fleece

TenCate Protective Fabrics introduces the latest addition to the Tecasafe Plus family of fabrics: TenCate Tecasafe Plus Wool-Enhanced Fleece
Sometimes working conditions are as trying as the job itself. Traditional Tecasafe Plus Woven and Knit fabrics are tried-and-true protection from thermal hazards as well as hot climates and serious humidity thanks to Coolderm Technology.
What about when the temperature falls? When the chill sets in, it can be just as difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. While safety always comes first, comfort runs a close second.
TenCate Tecasafe Plus Wool-Enhanced Fleece provides amazing comfort and ease of wear.
Weighing in at 10 ounces per square yard (or 340 grams per square meter), TenCate Tecasafe Plus Wool-Enhanced Fleece is a double-sided fleece fabric that makes comfort a priority. Its unique fiber blend gives the wearer an inherently FR fabric that wears well and looks good even after repeated launderings.
The addition of enhanced wool fibers not only provides added comfort and warmth, it brings other desirable attributes:

  • Inclusion of SUPERWASH® Wool ensures machine wash-ability and dry-ability and reduces shrinkage.
  • As a natural fiber, wool is self-extinguishing. It will not support combustion.
  • Dyes easily and deeply. Available in Navy Blue, Orange and Black.
  • Continues to insulate and keep the wearer warm even when it gets wet.
  • Moisture absorption makes wool a temperature regulator protecting the body in both cold and warm conditions.