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The Lightest PPE 2 FR Fabric

Lighter than many PPE 1 fabrics in the market, Tecasafe® Plus Multilite™ weighs in at just 185 gsm (5.5 osy) per square yard but delivers PPE 2 protection like many of its heavier counterparts. Tecasafe® Plus Multilite™ has been specially engineered to feel comfortable right out-of-the-box.


TenCate TRUECOLOR™ Technology ensures that Tecasafe® Plus Multilite™ will maintain its rich color and like-new appearance even after repeated launderings.


Tecasafe® Plus Multilite™ is an inherently FR fabric. This means that no chemical finish is used to promote the FR properties, they’re engineered into the fabric from the start. The FR protection will never wash out or wear away.


Thanks to our Coolderm™ Technology. Garments made with Tecasafe® Plus Multilite™ will have excellent moisture management. Liquid is moved away from the skin and dispersed over a wider area of the fabric for faster drying. This provides an evaporative cooling effect in warm climates and helps to regulate body temperature in cooler environments.