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Tecasafe® Plus Knit


The Flame-Resistant Fabric that People Want to Wear

One of the biggest challenges a safety manager faces is ensuring that employees wear their PPE and FR clothing. This is no longer an issue; give them TenCate Tecasafe Plus Knit Fabric for t-shirts, polos or henleys and the problem is solved.
TenCate Tecasafe Plus knits with Coolderm Technology demonstrate that you don’t have to sacrifice protection for comfort. Tecasafe® Plus woven fabrics have been adopted by organizations worldwide because of comfort, durability and protection and are currently available for police, electrical and petroleum workers, other first responders, firefighters and members of the armed forces.
Now, TenCate Tecasafe Plus knits offer an even more comfortable option. Equally important, engineered for industrial laundering, they retain strength, shape and color after repeated launderings.
Tecasafe Plus knit fabric has the same look and feel as any non-FR garment available in retail stores and outlets. It was designed to be indistinguishable from any normal knit fabric.