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PBI® XTL: Where Comfort and Protection Meet

PBI® XTL is a lightweight solution for firefighters that provides excellent comfort and mobility with the strength of PBI®. PBI® fibers are thermally stable and can stand up to tough radiant and convective heat to ensure maximum protection. Weighting in at only 205 gsm. PBI® XTL means less overall weight and better mobility for firefighters without sacrificing protection.

This engineering enables PBI® XTL to score a 15-20% higher tensile strength rating that comparable fabrics. By increasing the percentage of PBI® fiber in the fabric by wrapping each Para-Aramid yarn in additional PBI® staple yarns, PBI® XTL maintains integrity throughout the fabric. This delivers strength that is 20-30% stronger than other comparable fabrics, even after thermal exposures. The choice is clear: PBI® XTL.