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PBI® Matrix Technology and DuPont™ Kevlar® Make TenCate Gemini™ XT Rhino Tough

PBI® XTL is made with high-quality para-Aramid fibers in every yarn that are much stronger than conventional para-Aramid fibers. The tensile strength results to the right show the superior integrity and strength of PBI® XTL over another PBI/Para-aramid fabric. PBI® XTL demonstrates 15-20% higher tensile strength properties because of the high-quality para-­Aramid fiber in every yarn.

Firefighters are exposed to both fire and radiant heat on the job. If a firefighter is exposed to severe fire and heat, the garment will likely need to be repaired or replaced. However, a firefighter may also experience repeated exposure to radiant heat while on the job in which the outershell may lose its strength over several fires. This can be dangerous if there are weaknesses in the outershell causing it to be less protective and more susceptible to damage over time.

PBI® XTL contains highly thermal resistant PBI fiber blended into every yarn to maximize the protection and benefits of the PBI fiber. Th is means that PBI® XTL maintains it protective qualities across the entire fabric to make it the most protective 205 gsm PBI fabric and gives it more strength after heat exposure. The table to the right shows that PBI® XTL is 20-30% stronger than PBI Max, which only uses PBI fiber in 70% of its yarn, even after radiant heat exposure.