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We Answer Some of your questions
What is the differentiation between Tecasafe® Plus and other brand in the market?

Tecasafe® Plus is first tri-blended fabric launched into market and one of composition is the natural fiber. It helpful for moisture management, so it makes the wearer feel more comfortable than the other fabric blended from the synthetic fiber.

What is the inherently flame resistant fabric?

Inherent means existing in something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, characteristic or attribute. Tecasafe® Plus also blend from the inherently flame resistance fiber, so it helpful for lifetime protection. The resistance never washes or wears out.

What is good benefit of Tecasafe® Plus Product
  • Protection
  • Comfortable
  • Lift time

As above first 2 points answers. There are the inherently flame resistance and natural fiber blended for Tecasafe Plus® product. The garment will be lifetime protection and comfortable for wearer.

What kind of product TenCate offering? Garment or fabrics?

TenCate Protective is the leadership of textile innovation. We are offering the protective fabrics but we can recommend the garment maker if the customer request.

Do TeCate product certified to international standard?

Yes, we do. TenCate product certified to US, EU, AU and CA standard.

Do you have the plant in Asia?

No, we don’t have plant in Asia.  All of Tencate products are made in USA under strict quality control from USA corporate lab.  And, we serve shorter lead time to market by managing regional inventory in Bangkok warehouse.

If TenCate’s plant located US only, so the customer must take high cost to import.

No, we will absorb cost from US to Asia hub. We will import the fabric to store in Asia for distribute to APAC customer.

What is the term of sales?

TenCate sell the fabric in FCA term. It means the customer need to arrange freight forwarder and absorb cost from our hub to customer address.

Can TenCate produce the customize color?

Because of fiber limitation, we may not produce in every color but the customer can send the swatch sample to us first to check the ability whether we can product.

Why Tecasafe Plus offer such high prices?

Actually, it is depending on which kind of product you compare with. If you compare with the same inherent flame resistant fabric in the market, Tecasafe® Plus will be offered the cheaper price but if you compare with the chemical treated cotton, Tecasafe Plus will be offered higher price but more worth since it is the flame protection is lift time protection where as the protection of chemical treated cotton is guarantee 50 washes maximum.