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Tecasafe® Plus Fibers Content

Tecasafe® Plus Fibers Content

Tecasafe Plus fibers content


All Tecasafe® Plus fabrics are a tri-blend fabric containing Modacrylic fibers, Lyocell fibers, and robust Aramid fibers. Around 15 years ago we found this combination of fibers creates a synergistic effect for FR protection and comfort.

Starting with Modacrylic fibers, this fiber has a unique attribute that no other FR fiber has – it is self-extinguishing and can protect not only itself but also can protect other fibers when blended together.

In the case of Tecasafe® Plus, the Modacrylic fibers allow us to include a high percentage of very soft and comfortable Lyocell fibers which can greatly enhance the feel and comfort of the garment.

Speaking of Lyocell fibers – these fibers are extremely soft and absorbent, even softer and more absorbent than cotton. It is also one of the most sustainable fibers on the planet, made from FSC* wood, with inherent antimicrobial properties.

Finally, including strong, robust, and thermally stable Aramid fibers, we can enhance the strength and durability of the fabric as well as its thermal stability properties such as char integrity and shrinkage to high heat.

Optimizing the amounts of these fibers in the blend enhances the protection, comfort, durability, and colorfastness, and reduces cost to bring you a much better FR fabric.


*Forest Stewardship Council