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The world’s number 1 in protective fabrics

TenCate is the global leader in the design and production of protective fabrics for the emergency response, industrial, and military markets.

We offer a comprehensive range of products that exceeds all others in quality, comfort, and FR performance. TenCate sets the industry pace by creating first-to-market, breakthrough solutions based on unmatched scientific expertise.

Our Products

TenCate Protective Fabrics provides the best inherently flame resistant protection that never washes out or wears away.

Industrial Safety

TenCate supplies FR fabrics for industrial workers all over the world for varying applications including oil exploration and production, electrical, welding, molten metal processing and petrochemical.

Emergency Response

TenCate Protective Fabrics manufactures innovative fabrics for first responders including structural firefighting, technical rescue and wildland firefighting.


As the world’s number one manufacturer of inherently flame-resistant (FR) fabrics, TenCate Protective Fabrics has the honor to work with the world’s leading militaries to develop and enhance textiles that will protect armed forces around the world.

TenCate Protective Fabrics with Coolderm™ Technology

Even in hot and humid environments, feel the benefits of Coolderm™ Technology. The evaporative cooling effects helps wick moisture away from the body and assists with quick evaporation.

TenCate Coolderm™ Technology

means enhanced comfort for wearers of FR fabrics. TenCate Coolderm™ Technology means enhanced comfort for wearers of FR fabrics. Just as TenCate Protective Fabrics provides inherent FR protection, it also offers many feature inherent active moisture wicking, evaporative cooling, softness and hypoallergenic.

Look for these TenCate Fabrics that come with the enhanced comfort of inherent with Coolderm™ Technology.


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